ballet slippers wedding

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ballet slippers wedding

Jason Bateman’s past lies in front of him, on a piece of paper, face down. Typewritten on the flip side is a quotation of his from 1987, when he was a teen idol starring in  “Teen Wolf Too.”. “Ugh,” he says, turning the paper over. “I probably thought I was pretty hot s— then.”. The quote — first printed in the Hollywood Reporter, reproduced this February afternoon by the guy sent to write about Bateman — is hugely aspirational and brazen in its ambition, especially in the shadow of a quarter century gone by.

Hillbarn Theatre, “Mame.” Jerry Herman musical, Through Dec, 22, Hillbarn Theatre, 1285 E, Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, $19-40; 650-349-6411 or, Los Altos Stage Company, “The Sunshine Boys.” Through Dec, 15, By Neil Simon, Directed by Karen Altree Piemme, Featuring Bill C, Jones, Al Fischer, Josh Russell, Gordon Meacham, Katherine Leyva, Scott Stanley and Rene Banks, Bus Barn Theater, 97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos, ballet slippers wedding $18-$34, or 650-941-0551..

Mei said the role of a council member is complex. “There is a basic part in terms of working with the city manager and working (with) our whole council, serving as a bridge to the community. The city is such a diverse city, and one of the things I think it is important to provide a voice for the community and to be accessible to the public and to talk to them. Not just here in Fremont, but also talking to people on the state level … I have been privileged to do that and let state officials know how their policies really affect the people of Fremont … and to ensure the voices of the people are heard,” Mei said.

6 “California Nights,” Best Coast: This bright, sunshiny Southern California duo just keeps getting better and better, which is really saying something, given that its first album, 2010’s “Crazy for You,” was already pretty great, The songs are catchier than the common cold, ballet slippers wedding benefiting equally from Bethany Cosentino’s bewitching vocals and Bobb Bruno’s increasingly heroic guitar leads, 7 “Summertime ’06,” Vince Staples: It’s a bold move to debut with a double-disc album, yet it definitely pays off for this Long Beach rapper, Staples shows that he has more than enough ideas, rhymes, wit and confidence to fill both discs, What you have here is the best debut of 2015..

“After Tiller”: As Roe v. Wade confronts more challenges, just four U.S. doctors continue to perform controversial late-term abortions. Why do they pursue a practice that provokes so much outrage? Who are their patients? We find out in this insightful and moving documentary. “After Tiller” — named after the late-term abortion doctor George Tiller, who was murdered — will shake you to your very core and may even make you reconsider your own beliefs. Martha Shane and Lana Wilson are talented filmmakers, and they’ve given us a unique perspective in a roiling debate (4 p.m. Aug. 8, the California).


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