edge chrome hard shell case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - black

SKU: EN-S10284

edge chrome hard shell case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - black

edge chrome hard shell case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - black

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Try looking in your pocket. Hobbyist Crabfu came up with a slick--and inexpensive--hack that turns your iPhone into a microscope. You can see it in action, and learn how to do it yourself, in this video. (Note: The actual how-to starts at the 2:09 minute mark.). As you can see, the hack's results can be pretty impressive. And all you need is the microscope, a little glue, and a case you're willing to sacrifice to the cause. Regarding the microscope, it's a tiny, battery-powered, dual-LED unit the author procured on Amazon for $5. Alas, that price has since bounced up to $12.95--but I managed to find the same 45x two-LED pocket microscope for $4.70 shipped. (If you strike out there, a Google search for "45x SE illuminated microscope" should find you a price in the same ballpark.).

In light of a recent study that shows Americans are below average for math and literacy of all the developed nations, I have rounded up some apps to..well..help my countrymen exercise our collective noggins, Hey, America, have you got a second? We need to talk, It turns out we're not doing so well in literacy and math compared with most of the developed countries in the world, We also may not be as knowledgeable about our world as we think edge chrome hard shell case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - black we are, According to this article in the New York Times, a recent study out of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) puts the USA well behind most developed countries in the world in basic math skills, literacy, and working with technology..

In fact, AT&T has made it $5 cheaper a month for customers who already have an AT&T iPhone 4 to use the Wi-Fi hot spot feature to connect their iPad to the Net . AT&T's tethering fee or hot spot fee is $20 a month in addition to the $25 smartphone data fee. Previously, AT&T limited subscribers to 2GB worth of data for both iPhone data and tethering for the combined price of $45. Recently, AT&T announced that it would increase the capacity to 4GB of data per month for Wi-Fi hot-spot-enabled smartphones.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, The software company will also announce that U.S, carrier Sprint PCS plans later this year to sell two camera phones--the Samsung i700 edge chrome hard shell case for apple iphone 6 plus and 6s plus - black PocketPC and the Hitachi G-1000--that will use a version of Microsoft smart phone software, Microsoft spokesman Ed Suwanjindar said, "We feel pretty good about our position," Suwanjindar said, "A year ago, we didn't have Pocket PC phone editions shipping, A year later we have more than two dozen operators shipping, We're looking forward to great things."..

Alternatively, a new wearable-friendly iPod could work in some new advanced tech and be really good at it: excellent heart rate monitoring that worked as well as Touch ID does for fingerprints, for instance. Or, maybe the much-discussed but still not finalized Apple-Beats deal could provide new headphone tech, or extra features that enhance sound. Is Beats necessary for a future iPod? No, but if any Apple device seems like a no-brainer for Beats integration, it would be the iPod. In a landscape as messy as wearables, I'm increasingly of the opinion that any gadgets are better off doing one or two things well or not do them at all. If this is the humble iPod's destiny, I'm all for it.


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